Private Dog Training Byron Bay



At Paw Power we understand that everyone is different and so are their dogs. We offer a range of private one on one consultations to address specific needs and behaviours. We come to your home or the location where your dog exhibits the specific behaviour, at a suitable time which caters to the needs and concerns of you and your dog.

There are many benefits to private training, most importantly is that we can address behaviour specifically relating to you and your dog/puppy and create a personalised program to assist with training and management. As safety is of paramount importance, this will always be addressed first.

Initial Dog Consultation

Initial consultations consists of a 1.5 hour session during which time Anna can observe the behaviour and a questionnaire will be completed which includes a full behavioural history to ascertain the severity of the behaviour and its duration.  This information will then be utilised to establish a realistic program for implementation.

* Please note there may be and additional travel cost dependant on location.


Private Training (1 hr)

Paw Power over Private Training sessions catering for:

  • People who can’t make it to class who want help with general training.
  • Those who want to involve the whole family in the training process.
  • People who prefer and feel more comfortable in a one on one situation.
  • Dogs that need a little extra individual tuition before attending a group training environment.
  • Dogs who are not able to learn in a group environment due to behavioural reasons.

Initial consultations consist of a 1.5 hour session.


Private Consultations for problem behaviours (1.5 hrs)

These sessions are for dogs exhibiting specific behaviour which is not covered in our group training programmes.For example, escaping, digging, jumping and barking


Private Consultations for behavioural problems (1.5 hrs)

Behavioural Assessments can be undertaken for dogs experiencing:

  • Fear related aggression towards other dogs or people
  • Dog to dog reactivity
  • Predatory aggression
  • Resource guarding behaviour
  • Anxiety related behaviour associated with:
    • Being home alone
    • Separated from human/s
  • Excessive barking


Dangerous Dog Assessments (DLG)

Are available on request for Pittbulls and Pittbull Cross.


Story Dog Assessments (Dog Test)*

Please contact Story Dogs for more information about the program and assessment requirements.

*Please note that further assessments may be required and intervention by a vet behaviourist may be advised should the behaviour be identified as requiring such a referral.