K9 Kindy Byron Bay



New course dates:
K9 Kindy Course to be advised
@ St Finbarr’s School, Byron Bay
4 week course – $225

For all bookings or enquires please text 0431 511 215 or email byron@pawpower.com.au.

Ages:  14+ weeks

Course:  4 weeks (1 hour per week)

Class size: Small groups (with max of 5 puppies)

Cost:  $225.00

Where:  St. Finbarr’s School, Byron Bay – Saturday mornings 9.00-10.00am

Support:  Phone and email support, as required  •  Comprehensive Manual (digital version)

Methods:  100% Positive /Force-Free

Requirements:  Vaccinations, flea, tick and worming treatments are up to date and must have attended Puppy School with an accredited trainer

The K9 Kindy Course is designed for dogs 14+ weeks old entering the adolescent stage of their lives. It is a must for all adolescent dogs to extend their education and social skills, and for the owner/handler to acquire further practical training skills to involve their dog in their lives outside the home environment. The emphasis is about continuing the bond and relationship through developing a more connected and focused canine.


  • Loose lead walking
  • Recalls
  • Give/leave it
  • Sit/down/attention
  • Stay
  • Jumping
  • Calm and focus
  • Normal dog behaviour
  • Canine body language & postures
  • Human/dog greetings
  • Dog to dog greetings

  • Force-free training methods
  • Environmental enrichment
  • Use of treats/rewards
  • Fading out food for learned behaviours
  • Responsible dog ownership
  • Leadership/guardianship program
  • How dogs learn
  • Building better owner/dog relationship
  • Appropriate play techniques with your dog



  • Walk on a loose lead
  • Come when called (within reason)
  • Leave low level distractions
  • Be able to stay
  • Be focused and responsive
  • Be happier and more contented
  • View you as the giver of all things good



  • Acquired a higher level of management and awareness of your dog in all environments
  • Extended your knowledge of canine behaviour and communication
  • More comprehension of how dogs learn
  • Increased the human/animal bond with your dog

  And most of all you both should have had fun!!


  • As your Puppy is technically classified as an ADOLESCENT at 18 weeks, this is a time when everything you have apparently taught your dog goes out the window. As this is the transitional stage when many dogs are deemed out of control and consequently re-homed due to their hearing becoming selective, and their behaviour equalling that of an adolescent teenager, increasing people’s knowledge and practical skills through further training is essential.
  • This is a time when they need lots of physical and mental exercise including off leash exploring time (where possible), high energy games and just be a dog. Therefore, it is imperative that they are able to walk on a loose lead, be reliable off leash, as well as respond to other important requests to keep them safe.
  • Maintaining training and social contact with other dogs, people and the outside world is essential at this stage.
  • Further training assists your adolescent dog to respond calmly in social and unexpected situations.
  • Ongoing training and reinforcing desired behaviours through force-free methods during this stage ensures that this stage will run more smoothly.
  • Embrace your dog’s endless amount of energy and enjoy this epoch time of playfulness and enthusiasm.